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Player vs. All is your internet home for interesting articles about gaming culture, news, releases, and anything else deemed compelling enough to put digital pen to digital paper. The content on Player vs. All focuses hopes to transcend the typical cycle of games media coverage that so often centers around PR-driven hype, and put meat on the bones of gaming discussion. While we will not function as any sort of one-stop shop for all things gaming, Player vs. All will provide smart analysis and interesting takes on the things that move the gaming world.

  • The Dive: Features that tell behind the scenes stories, profile industry personalities, and deep dives into games.
  • The Slant: Opinions on the latest games, industry trends, and gaming news.
  • Offbeat: Retrospectives, culture, and other features that may not quite fit.

We Accept Freelance Pitches!

All of the content on Player vs. All is contributed by freelancers. If you have an idea for an article, we welcome your submission.

What we are looking for:

  • Features that cover interesting people, trends, and games.
  • Opinion pieces about games, genres, and industry trends.
  • News Features that try to place recent news topics within their context.
  • Speculative pieces about where industry trends may be heading.

What we are not looking for:

  • Completed, unsolicited articles. Any submitted full draft will not be considered.
  • Quick news write-ups: There are hundreds of websites that publish 300-word news articles.
  • Speculative pieces about unreleased games that you do not have hands-on experience with.
  • General offers to write for the site. We currently are not seeking any regular contributors or editorial staff.

How to pitch to Player vs. All

  • Send a well-developed pitch to luke@playervsall.com. Your pitch should contain your stories core idea, potential titles, proposed word-length, and expected turnaround time. Please link to relevant writing samples or your portfolio. Also, indicate whether or not you have secured any potential interviews for your piece. Please Note: While we try to respond to all pitches, this is highly dependent on volume. If you have not heard from us in seven days, feel free to pitch to other outlets. 

Best Practices for Pitches

  • Read the site before pitching. Simply reading our previously published content can help you determine if a piece will fit well.
  • Submit one pitch per email.
  • Keep your pitches concise and focused.
  • Only pitch articles

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