Apex Legends Leak and Back 4 Blood PvA Radio – Episode 32

From Apex Legends Leaks to the sustainability of asymmetrical multiplayer, Luke, Larry, and Cody bring context to the news you've been reading this week.
Luke Croft

Luke Croft

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This week’s episode is back to the usual speed with the biggest gaming news stories of the week front and center. From Apex Legends Leaks to the sustainability of asymmetrical multiplayer, Luke, Larry, and Cody bring context to the news you’ve been reading this week.

18:37 – Cody’s Topic: Apex Legends added jump pads to a specific section of their map in anticipation of Octane releasing the the season pass. Cody asks if this form of revealing and testing content is the best way for battle royales to keep players engaged. What does Apex need to do to keep their player base coming back for more? Fortnite’s evolving map approach? Blackout-style character challenges?

38:26 – Luke’s Topic: Sledgehammer co-founder Glen Schofield said that he pitched a new IP to Activision, but it was denied. With Activision and Bungie parting ways, it seems that Call of Duty is the only Blockbuster franchise that Activision is actively publishing. Do you think there is a need for Activision to diversify their portfolio. Is Call of Duty enough to sustain them in the long term. If you were the head of Activision are there any specific genres you would be looking to make a splash in? Are there any particular studios that Activision should try to engage in a similar partnership as they did with Bungie?

59:02 – Larry’s Topic: Left 4 Dead and Evolve creators are working on new game, Back 4 Blood. What has been you experience with previous Turtle Rock games? What was good, what was bad? What are you looking for in a spiritual sequel to a game people have been wanting for over a decade? How can they improve on a game from (what will be) 2 generations ago and succeed in the midst of such high expectations? Overall, how do you feel about asymmetrical multiplayer? 1:19:01 – Two Truths and a Lie: Gaming Edition

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