Assassin’s Creed and the Loss of Identity – PvA Radio: Episode 11

Podcasts / October 9, 2018


Never unsure of who they are, Cody, Larry, and Luke bring a smorgasbord of topics to the proverbial table for your listening pleasure this week.

Luke’s Topic: Nintendo is apparently bringing a new version of the Switch to market late next year. What changes might the next iteration bring? How will the Switch fit when it comes to the next generation of consoles?

Larry’s Topic: Rumors are swirling about a new open world RPG set in the world of Harry Potter? What would make this a successful game?

Cody’s Topic: The new Assassin’s Creed has long-time fans of the franchise wondering exactly how it fits into the franchise at-large. How much can a game before it should just become a new IP?

Want to get involved? You can submit questions to Player Vs. All Radio at the link below. If you ask a question and the guys select it, you are entered for the chance to win a $20 PSN, Xbox, or Nintendo eShop gift card! So, ask something thoughtful and grab the guys attention! Just ensure you put the email they can reach you at to be eligible.

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Luke Croft
Luke will run up the score on you in Madden and instalock D.Va 98% of the time. Proud purchaser of 3 Vitas.

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