Battlefield V’s Release Schedule is So Wacky It Needs a Chart – Episode 16

Front Page / Podcasts / November 13, 2018

This week was loaded with gaming news, and the guys are here to bring you some of the biggest stories! So, buckle in and listen to nearly 2 hours of in-depth discussion

Cody: EA’s release schedule for Battlefield V is so convoluted that it needed a company-sanctioned chart to explain it all. Is EA making a mistake with the staggered release, and is the game’s model setting it up for failure from the start?

Luke: Xbox hosted XO18 in Mexico City over the weekend, and they made a few announcements during the event. But was it enough to warrant an entire live event?

Larry: Famous video game guide maker Prima is shutting down, and the guys discuss the cultural factors that led to it’s downfall. What gaming staple is next?

Plus, another round of “There are too many games, but this isn’t one of them.”

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