What the Hell is Death Stranding? | PvA Radio – Episode 42

8-minute trailer and still so many questions!
Luke Croft

Luke Croft

Luke will run up the score on you in Madden and instalock D.Va 98% of the time. Proud purchaser of 3 Vitas.

It’s definitely E3 season, and the news is dropping left and right. The guys have you covered with some of the biggest gaming news stories of this week.

Check out Luke on Popped Off’s Project Esports

13:29 – Twitch’s Artifact category turned into a meme which turned into a cesspool of filth. What can Twitch do to keep something like this from happening again?
32:26 – We have more details about Death Stranding, and it’s getting about as clear as mud. What is this game?
52:18 – Apex Legends started out with a bang, but they haven’t been able to maintain the momentum they received from their launch. Can a game like this exist without massive ammounts of crunch?
1:04:06 – Two Truths and a Gaming Lie: Metal Gear Solid V

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