NYXL Spoils the Washington Justice’s Overwatch League Debut

The NYXL, fresh off of a nailbiter against the Boston Uprising, took on the Washington Justice in their Overwatch League debut.
Luke Croft

Luke Croft

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There was no shortage of storylines coming into the Washington Justice’s debut matchup versus the NYXL on Saturday. New York’s closer-than-expected match against a rebuilding Boston Uprising on opening night left some lingering questions about the team’s ability to adapt to the triple-triple meta. WizardHyeong made his head coaching debut against his former team. And a Washington Justice team who many placed in the bottom three of their power rankings had an opportunity to come out and prove people wrong.

But storylines be damned. The NYXL came into the match Saturday with something to prove following their middling performance on opening night and defeated the Washington Justice in a convincing 3-1 victory that never saw a map completed by either team. The NYXL won Ilios 2-0, full held the Justice on King’s Row, and stopped Washington’s push on Rialto halfway through point B. On Horizon Lunar Colony, the only map which the Justice were able to take, Washington full held the Excelsior on their attack. In all, the match only lasted 55 minutes (halftime included) making it one of the fastest in Overwatch League history.

The Justice’s overly passive playstyle and NYXL’s apparent comfort in the head-to-head matchup makes it difficult to assess where either team is within the current meta except to say that last year’s regular season winners are lightyears ahead of WizardHyeong’s team. It seemed that Washington were the perfect cannon fodder for the NYXL to find their footing within the triple-triple meta, as the team stuck to it almost exclusively throughout the match. Washington appeared timid in their stage debut, giving tons of space for the Excelsior to simply walk onto points and bully their opponent out of position.

The win pushes the NYXL to 2-0 on the season with a +3 map differential. The Justice start out the season 0-1 with a -2 map differential. Next week, the NYXL have two matches, squaring off against the LA Valiant on Friday and the Houston Outlaws on Sunday. Washington faces the London Spitfire on Thursday to kick off week 2.

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