Paris Eternal Expose London’s 3-3 Gaps in Overwatch League Debut

The Paris Eternal made their debut on the Overwatch League stage and put on a dominating performance to beat the London Spitfire.
Luke Croft

Luke Croft

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The Paris Eternal defeated the London Spitfire 3-1 in their Overwatch League debut behind strong triple-triple play. Analyst and OWL players alike expected Paris’ all European roster to be among the top goats teams given the region’s strength on the composition, but the show they put on Saturday afternoon seemed to eclipse even the most favorable expectations.

Throughout the entire match, it was evident that the Spitfire were completely outmatched in any mirror three-three battles, as evidenced by a decisive 100-0 victory on Ilios Lighthouse to take the first map. The Eternal took advantage of positional errors from Bdosin and Gesture’s apparent discomfort when the situation calls for him to play Reinhardt.

On King’s Row, the Spitfire subbed out Birdring for Sombra specialist, Guard, and it seemed as though they had found the answer neutralizing the Eternal. Guard was able to build his EMP every fight and averaged nearly 5 players hacked per ultimate on defense. The Spitfire stopped Paris just short of point B and proceeded to easily win the map on the attack.

In the second half, however, the Spitfire deviated from the successful strategy, choosing to sub Birdring back into the game and go for a quad-DPS look on their Volskaya point A attack. The effort found middling success, but the team was ultimately forced to switch back to a triple-triple comp, playing right into Paris’ hand. The Eternal quickly completed the map on their attack with nearly 5 minutes remaining to capture a third of point A in round 3 and win the map.

Paris continued their domination on Route 66 despite the Spitfire returning to the Sombra strategy that earned them a win on King’s Row. The Eternal made halftime adjustments that saw NiCOgdh pocketing HyP with Brigitte in order to try to shut down the flanking Sombra. Between the calculated approach to dealing with Guard and an aggressive defense at the Spitfire’s spawn, the Eternal full held on defense and won the match 3-1.

The loss for the Spitfire puts into question their ability to compete against top triple-triple competition. After losing 3-1 to Philadelphia on opening night, it became clear that the defending champions have a long way to go in the current meta to return to the dominance they enjoyed in the 2018 playoffs.

With the loss, the Spitfire move to 0-2 on the season, and Paris starts their Overwatch League run 1-0. London faces Washington and Hangzhou in week 2, while Paris takes on the LA Gladiators.

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