Pre-Ranking E3 2018 – Player 3 Podcast Episode 142

Podcasts / May 8, 2018

This week, Luke and Larry pre-rank the 2018 E3 Presentations based on their importance for each company’s future. They also discuss a new update coming to Halo the Master Chief Collection and talk about their excitement for Red Dead Redemption 2 following the release of its newest trailer. Look below for timestamps to jump to the topic you’d like to hear.

  • 18:27 – Releases of the Week
  • 22:57 – Larry’s Xopic: What does the new Halo MCC update mean for 343’s future Halo announcements?
  • 33:39 – Luke’s Xopic: Pre-Ranking E3 2018: What company needs to knock it out of the park the most?
  • 1:05:43 – News: Red Dead Redemption 2’s new trailer
  • 1:14:48 – Thanos is coming to Fortnite
  • 1:21:06 – Ubisoft shows early footage for Beyond Good and Evil 2
  • 1:21:58 – Random Question of the Week: Have you ever been pushed to join an MLM?

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Luke Croft
Luke will run up the score on you in Madden and instalock D.Va 98% of the time. Proud purchaser of 3 Vitas.

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