Player Vs. All Radio: A Video Game Podcast

PvA Radio: A Video Game Podcast
Luke Croft

Luke Croft

Luke will run up the score on you in Madden and instalock D.Va 98% of the time. Proud purchaser of 3 Vitas.

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What is Player vs All Radio?

Player Vs All (PvA) Radio is a weekly video game podcast where each host brings a gaming topic to the table that focuses on one of the biggest stories of the week. From there, they have an in-depth discussion and break it down from multiple angles.

Who are the Hosts?

There are three regular hosts of PvA Radio, with guests and interview subjects floating in when they can! Your three regular hosts are as follows (click their names to follow them on Twitter):

  • Luke Croft: Editor-in-Chief of Player Vs. All and former host of the Player 3 Podcast. Former contributor at Twinfinite.
  • Larry Hunt: Former host of the Player 3 Podcast. Contributor at Two Left Sticks.
  • Cody Mello-Klein: Former intern at Game Informer, current freelance games journalist, bylines at Kotaku, Twinfinite, and Heroes Never Die.

When and Where Can I Find It?

We record PvA Radio every Monday night before pushing it out to you on podcast services Tuesday morning! If you want your question to have a chance of making it on the show, make sure it is submitted before 6pm ET on Mondays using the form below.

How Do I Get Involved?

We love the community we’ve built with PvA Radio. Because of that, we want to hear from you! Below, you can submit your questions to Player vs. All Radio. Ask us anything about video games. Is Sony ever going to remaster Crash Team Racing? How exactly do you tackle your backlog? What are your favorite gaming snacks? Whatever it may be, send it through.

Here’s the awesome part! If your question gets selected for an episode, we will enter your name in for our monthly PVAQ Giveaway. One lucky winner will get a $20 PSN, Xbox, or Nintendo eShop card! So, make sure the email you submit is valid because that is where we will reach out!

Thank you so much for listening. If you haven’t done so yet, subscribe and leave us a review on your platform of choice!

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