Twitch May Be Doomed and How to Regulate Loot Boxes | PvA Radio Episode 53

Twitch has had its fair share of controversies recently, but will it put a dent in it's viewership and creator base?
Luke Croft

Luke Croft

Luke will run up the score on you in Madden and instalock D.Va 98% of the time. Proud purchaser of 3 Vitas.

On this week’s episode of PvA Radio, Luke and Larry hash out what it may mean for the games industry to begin policing itself when it comes to loot boxes. They also discuss some of the recent drama surrounding Twitch and how they may go about reversing the tide (if that’s something they are even interested in).

Larry’s Topic: Forbes recently published an article that referenced a study on how loot boxes impact people with past gambling addictions. Arguing from the standpoint “If you don’t start policing yourself, someone else will,” the guys chat about whether or not the ESA and industry as a whole are doing enough to police themselves. Do they foresee a future where loot boxes are regulated by the government? They also debate whether or not loot boxes are an inherently bad mechanic.

Luke’s Topic: Twitch has been through the wringer in terms of controversy over the last several weeks, topped off by their recent decision that led to them inadvertently promoting porn on Ninja’s dormant Twitch channel. The guys discuss if this snowball of controversies could potentially lead to Twitch’s demise, what steps need to be taken in order to curb the recent windfall, and how competitors like Mixer may benefit from these snafus.

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